Project Overview/ Naturali is a mobile application that encourages people to wear natural material-made clothes. It helps users understand the benefit of wearing natural fabric-made garments and how to take care of them. The most significant advantage is getting educated on synthetic and natural fabrics, knowing the pros and cons, and learning how to take care of them or find out the places around you that could help you clean them. And all that features are provided on one platform.
Project Goal/ This project is coming from experiences of my own. After finding out my being allergic to synthetic fabric, I started to pay more attention to nature fabric. I've spent lots of time and effort searching on multiple platforms. If all those sources can be brought together on one platform, the users like me can easily access information from one place.
My role/ Research, Wireframe, User Flow, User Persona, UX/UI Design
Tools / Adobe XD, Figma, InVision 
Project Timeline/ Four Weeks
Week One: Strategy & Research

Week Two: Research, Low Fidelity Prototype, and Testing
Week Three: High Fidelity Prototype and Iterative Testing
Week Four: Visual Design
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