Project Overview/ This project gave me a chance to explore typographic forms extraordinarily by using the dream state technique. The dream state was a terrific tool for generating unexpected results within a system. In this project, I choose to work with the combination typefaces between Akizdenz Grotesk and Century Schoolbook. With my movie preference, Face Off, I experimented with these letterforms onto the movie's title to deliver three film posters and a movie trailer.
APPROACH/ Face off is an American science-fiction action film. John Travolta plays an FBI agent, and Nicolas Cage plays a terrorist. They are the sworn enemies who assume each other's physical appearance. That gave me the idea to slice the movie title letterforms with a knife to express surgical and emotional feelings.
My role/ Research, Sketch, Craft, Layout, Visual Hierarchy, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Print Production. 
Tools / Adobe Photoshop, After Effects 
Project Timeline/ Four Weeks
PROJECT FOCUS/ Imagine strategies, Creative impulses
Experiment One/ I trimmed movie title letterforms out of paper in this experiment, then stuck them on the window. In order to achieve heavy shadow effects, I added a drop of water on the surface of the phone camera.
First set of posters
Experiment two/ The experiment on the left was on the basis of the last one, which started off trimming movie title letterforms out of paper, then stuck them on the window, and paled partial letters halfway through to create a unique perspective for the photoshoot. 
In the experiment on the right, the letters were placed under an angled whiskey glass. And the letters refracted in the water created a dynamic visual effect.

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